Manor woods walk

On Monday next week (7th) we are going to go for a walk to Manor Woods to launch our topic this term which is all about sticks. If you would like to come with us please let one of us know. Both classes will be going together. 



Did you know you can record your own observations of your children’s learning? We love to see how their learning journey is continuing at home. A new feature now allows us to like your observations and we can respond with a comment 😀

Exciting update; ILD will soon be available on your smartphone via an app!

Real life superheroes

This week we are learning about the Police and the Fire Brigade. We have also been talking about Autumn and we are enjoying taking part in some Autumn fine motor activities. 

The children also enjoyed making a fire with shaving foam and paint. They then enjoyed putting it out with the spray bottles.

Inside we enjoyed making holes in a pumpkin and threaded leaves on to Autumn trees.

In the writing area some children made their own police cars.

The Evil Pea

We have an Evil Pea on the loose in our class this week. We told the children last week to keep an eye on him as he can be very mischievous. This morning we noticed he was missing. The children were very quick to tell me where he was! 

The children were so excited this morning that they even drew pictures of him!